Breaking Bad Eating Habits

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When it comes to food, most people are creatures of habit. They eat the same types of meal on a regular basis and usually purchase the ingredients from the same store. Though this may seem just a normal part of your daily routine, if you are serious about maintaining a healthy weight and improving your health, you made need to start thinking very differently about your eating habits.  If you’re determined, this shouldn’t be as hard as you may imagine.

The important thing to remember at the outset is to try not to make too many changes too soon, otherwise you will begin to feel overwhelmed and you’ll soon revert back to your previous habits. Here are some tips to get you on the right track:

• Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep each night at a regular time; insufficient sleep can lead to overeating.
• Start each day with a light but healthy breakfast so you won’t be fatigued and ravenous by lunch time.
• Eat each meal at the dining table or in your lunch room so you won’t be distracted from chewing your food properly and allowing it time to digest.
• Try to eat as many meals as you can in the company of your partner or family.
• Do not prepare overly-large portions. Make sure you recognize when you are full and stop eating, even if there is some food left on your plate.
• Replace your dairy products with low-fat alternatives.
•  If you enjoy sandwiches, switch to whole-grain bread and skip the mayo.
• Try baking, grilling or poaching instead of frying.
• If you want to treat yourself to calorie-laden foods like pizza, have a small slice and fill up on salad or soup.

Another very important factor to consider is snacking. If you constantly graze between meals, you should to adjust your habit. One or two healthy snacks between your main meals are fine, but watch out or you may end up over-eating. Replace typical snack foods like pretzels, chips and cookies with fruit slices, nuts, seeds or raw vegetables with a low-fat dip. Also keep your eye on how much you snack while watching TV. In general, people who eat in front of the box eat up to 60 percent more than when they are not distracted. If you must eat while viewing, give yourself a small portion of a healthy snack to sit down with, rather than a sack or chips or large bowl of popcorn.

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