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As a matter of fact, this was the birth of pHion Balance. Personally, I was frustrated trying to test my urinary pH using pH Paper (litmus paper) - so after developing these for a couple of years, we introduced them in 2003. pH Stix are the most widely used pH test strips today for two simple reasons... they work the best, and they cost less :) We encourage you to make a habit of testing your pH at least weekly. pH Balance = Health!

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Jack Web (83 months ago)
I was reading the list of "minerals" and was alarmed. Some of the ingredients can be hazardous or toxic if over consumed.
Quote "However, in excessive amounts, cobalt is highly toxic and can cause death."
Quote "OSHA regulations specify the maximum permissible molybdenum exposure in an 8-hour day to be 5 mg/m³. Chronic exposure to 60 to 600 mg Mo/m³ can cause symptoms including fatigue, headaches, and joint pains."

Also, some ingredients have not been studied for usefulness/benefit/dosage for human consumption.

If you have research on each ingredient, it's purpose, and the amount used in the product, I would like a copy of it.
Florence McCarthy (84 months ago)
I have a very painful disease called interstitial cystitis - it's not very common, and there is no cure. Many doctors think that it is linked to too much acid. Others think that it may be bacterial. I've noticed that my pain is greater though when the pH of my urine is more acidic than it should be.
Dr Hull  (84 months ago)
Interstitial Cystitis is certainly a disease of acidification. We treat a lot of IC patients in our clinic, and we always get them on a regimen that will alkalize their body quickly.
elena ortega (85 months ago)
I suffer from migraines due to hormonal shifts. The only time I was migraine free was the year I used the alkalizing drops and the green juice and pills. That's why I'm back now. I swear by these products.
JULIE BONCORE (85 months ago)
I had an issue with a strong odor when i sweat. I dealt with athletes foot and yeast infections. I searched for years to find something that would eliminate those problems. i honestly did not sweat a lot. My shirt would just get a little wet but because my body was very acidic it caused all of those things listed above. i am also trying to eat food and drinks less acidic. i love it. it has made my life a lot better. i talked to many doctors and pharmacists and they did not know what to do. i finally changed doctors and she told me about phion and i could not believe that right away she new what i needed. A life savor. now i am not nervous to get close to people. i do not worry about smelling like BO any more.
Evelyn Reed (86 months ago)
I'm a diabetic and have been concerned about my pH, thinking when I feel bad I may be acidodic and need to adjust my medication. When I asked for this at my HMO they thought I was being overly concerned. I am very happy to be able to get these testing strips at a reasonable price, so I can see for myself what is going on. I also want to know if the ionizing water machine I bought e from Japan is working. So far I have not experienced feeling or functioning better. I will feel bad if I bought that expensive machine for no good reason but happy to see you sell a product that can ionize my drinking water and more. Looking forward to better health with your company.

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