20 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Budget

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1. By frozen fruits and vegetables.

2. Buy in bulk.

Only buy staple products, like rice or toilet paper. Make sure that bigger really is cheaper.

3. Stop drinking bottled water.

Start filtering your own water with an inexpensive system.

4. Take control of your shopping experience.

Organize your shopping by making and committing to a list. Regularly cut coupons, keep them organized, match them to weekly grocery flyers to get more savings and attach coupons you want to use to your shopping list with a paper clip. Don’t shop hungry. If possible, shop alone (no kids asking for ice cream) Visit only one or two stores to save on gas. Sign up for store membership cards.

5. Bring your own meals, snacks and COFFEE.

6. Cook more meals at home.

Take leftovers to work for lunch.

7. Keep your yearly checkups.

Getting sick is one of the most expensive things we can do.

8. Workout without a gym.

Borrow DVDs from library look for workouts on youtube and get back to basics with sit-ups, pushups, jumping jacks, strength cords, etc.

9. Eat oatmeal for breakfast.

Not only does oatmeal continue to release energy throughout the day, it also keeps you feeling fuller longer and less likely to snack.

10. Stay connected face to face with friends and family.

A true connection with a friend gives you a sense of well-being.

11. Reuse overripe fruits and vegetables.

Great for smoothies or to help sweeten and moisten baked goods. Reuse baked potatoes and skins in a stew or as an appetizer.

12. Cut water bill.

Take shorter, cooler showers for more softer, supple skin and hair.

13. Choose Urgent Care over the ER.

If you need non-life threatening after hours emergency care, using an Urgent Care can save you time and money while providing you will excellent care, basic x-rays, lab work and prescriptions.

14. Sign up for a prescription savings programs.

This program can reduce your co-payment by half on any generic medication.

15. Even during cold months, stay physically active, even outside.

Make sure you are warm enough (look for sales online on basic warm weather gear). Germs love hot, moist, confined places like gyms but are not as happy in cold, clean air.

16.Check out a free self-help group.

Self-help groups, both live and online meetings, can help with just about any issue, all anonymously. Check out MentalHelp.net/selfhelp for more information.

17. Make sleep a priority.

Give your body time for extra rest and repair by turning in an hour early.

18. Add some spice to your life.

To keep your digestion at peak health and boost your immune system, try adding these spices into your recipes: ginger, cumin, oregano and cinnamon.

19. Get a skin checkup.

Look up skincancer.org for information about skin cancer, your risk and where you can get an exam.

20. Check out more than 3000 health related apps.

These tips should help keep you healthy and fit while keeping your costs down!

Here's to your wellness,


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