What are the benefits of an alkalizing diet?

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An alkalizing diet should ideally make up your fundamental source of nutrition, not only because of the high content of nutrients it provides, but because an alkalizing diet will help your body achieve maximum results from our program. It also leads to significant health benefits by neutralizes acidity within the body, whether it is due to consuming too many acidic or acidifying acids, or metabolic acidosis.

An alkalizing diet has benefits both inside and outside your body:

Urinary Tract Health 

Raising the pH of the urine can help prevent most types of kidney stones.

Increase in Bone Density, Muscle Mass, Bone Reabsorption and Prevention of Muscle Wasting and Osteoporosis in Older Adults:

Maintaining the ideal alkaline balance of 7.35 allows cells to be more
effective in absorbing key minerals like Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium. In an unbalanced, acidic environment, these nutrients are used to clean up extra acids; however, once balance is restored, the nutrients are available for more important jobs, such as reducing tissue inflammation and joint pain.

Immune System

Just a few of the heroes of this diet are the spices, including cinnamon and chili, which act as immune system boosters.

Oral Health

A common problem with people with an over acidic diet is tooth and gum disease. An alkaline diet, which includes citrus fruits, can restore you to good oral health.

Digestive Health and Weight Loss

Because fruits and vegetables are at the centerpiece of the alkaline diet, it is ideal for individuals with digestive ailments such as constipation, diarrhea and even diverticulitis. It can be great for weight loss or to help maintain your current weight.

Energize Me

The alkalizing diet has a variety of oxygen rich foods that will boost your energy. By adding nutrient rich vegetables, fruits and fats such as avocados, and removing energy robbing high salt, processed foods and large amounts of animal proteins, you will not only benefit from your alkaline diet today, you will rewrite the way you age. These cumulative changes will lead to lower cholesterol and blood pressure in addition to contributing to a healthy weight. Higher energy will get you exercising and fighting bone density loss.

Final Thoughts

Many of you who suffer from chronic illnesses such as Diabetes Type II, Kidney Disease and Colitis have found that an alkaline diet helps makes daily maintenance easier because it is provides so many energy rich nutrients, it provides natural fiber and it assists in keeping blood sugar levels even. For many chronic illnesses, an alkaline diet can part of an overall disease management program. (NOTE: Please speak to your physician before starting any diet.)

The Future

We are constantly learning from new studies about ways in which an alkaline diet can affect every body system, from our mental health to how we might be more responsive to chemotherapeutic drugs to preventing strokes.

As you can see there are many immediate and long term benefits of adopting an alkaline diet. You can make changes daily to improve your health and diet. Don't wait...get started today!

Here's to your wellness,


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