The Only Route to Total Health

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Are you feeling burned out from your fitness program? Does your diet leave you feeling sluggish and unfulfilled? Do you need to lower your stress levels? If you answered yes then you should consider a holistic health and fitness program. This type of program is not only the best way to achieve optimal health and fitness benefits, it’s the only way. Your success depends on the correct balance of fitness training, weight management, nutrition and stress management. There are a number of key factors to integrating your health and fitness, here’s a run down on what you need to consider.

The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer is more beneficial than working out alone. The number one advantage is that she will help you design an individualized program to suit your needs. Whether you are a fitness fanatic who is looking for a stimulating new workout or a newbie to exercise, this will work in your favor. A personal trainer will also keep you motivated and help you avoid burn-out. Mental and physical burn-out occurs when your exercise regime is no longer fun. Together with your trainer, you will work out a program that suits your own pace and sets realistic goals, this also ensures your physical safety so you don’t have to have weeks away from the gym with pulled muscles.

Nourishing Nutrition Counseling

The next step is to find a dietician or nutrition counselor who can help you put together a diet plan that will ensure you get all
the daily nutrients you need and to maintain a healthy weight. Without proper nutrition you will not have enough energy to make it through the day, you will have problems concentrating and you will be more susceptible to illness. Your personal counselor will assess your dietary needs in relation to your health needs and your exercise regime. She will help you to set achievable goals and to maintain them, so you can ditch the dashboard dinners and junk food and learn how to put together a healthy meal. Most nutritional counselors will also give you advice on nutritional supplements to improve your overall health.

Stress Management is A Must

If piles of things-to-do are springing up in every corner of your life and you’re feeling that there are too few hours in a day, you are suffering from stress. It’s a common problem and it can also be a killer. Stress doesn’t have to be your enemy. In moderate amounts, eustress (the beneficial kind) can boost your performance and productivity. But if you’re clenching your teeth till your face aches then you’re suffering from distress and you need some relief. Exercise and a balanced diet will help but you may also want to consider other options to enhance your lifestyle. Massage is wonderful for stress relief and it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find a qualified practitioner near you. There are different types of massage to choose from including Swedish, which helps to reduce stress and increase blood circulation to the muscles and joints, hot stone massage, which soothes tension hotspots and aromatherapy massage, which is relaxing and mood enhancing.

Weight Loss Consultants

If weight loss is a specific goal in your integrated health program then you may want to consider a weight loss consultant. She will advise you on how to stick to a healthy diet with manageable weight loss goals. If you are not in good shape and you want to a more radical weight loss and fitness program you could check in at your local boot camp. Fitness boot camps offer small group workouts with all the benefits of a personal trainer and can lower your weight and improve your energy and fitness levels in no time.

Training for a Specific Sport

If going to the gym is not your scene or you’re looking for a sport that is more focused or challenging there are plenty of classes out there with professional trainers. Whether you want a relaxing weekly yoga class to improve your flexibility and reduce stress, or you prefer the fast paced challenge of a martial art, you are sure to find something. Group classes can easily be included in your total integrated health program and will not only improve your fitness but can also help to keep you motivated.

There are many benefits to holistic health and fitness program. Within as little as two months you will begin to notice increased strength, improved endurance and performance, better flexibility, improve joint mobility, healthy weight loss, muscle tone and reduced stress. Once you’re on the road to total health you’ll never look back.

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