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It's very interesting how "programmed" we are. When I tell people - especially those who want to lose weight - to get more fat in their diet, they look at me like I'm an alien. Well, I am a bit strange, but...

Really. Fat is is good for you - that is IF it is the right kind of fat. Saturated animal fats are not good. Hydrogenated fats from oils are not good.

But polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats are really good for you. Not only do they help to build healthy cells (every cell in your body has a fat membrane), but they also bind fat soluble toxins and take them out of your body - and most toxins are fat soluble. Getting an ample amount in your body every day will help keep your body healthy and your pH prime.

Also, fat makes a much better fuel for your body to burn than sugar does. Protein is a horrible fuel to burn...it's meant to build cells - not to be used as fuel. That's why high protein diets are toxic - they create too much acid.

Here are the 3 fats you want to get into your body every day...and by the way...you need about 50 - 70 grams a day just to hep build healthy cells:

All of these are best in raw / cold pressed form. Avoid oils that say refined or "light"...they've been tampered with.

1. Polyunsaturated - Flax seed oil. Take a tablespoon a day.

2. Monounsaturated - Olive Oil. Take a tablespoon a day.

3. Medium Chain Triglicerides - Coconut Oil. Take a tablespoon a day.

This will give you about 40 - 50 grams of cell building fats plus all of your omega 3's 6's and 9's.

Fat really can be pHat!

Here's to your wellness,


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Kathleen Tortora (81 months ago)
I don't really like oils. Will 1/2 an avocado a day
give me enough good fats (I'm small.)?
lana James (84 months ago)
I agree in whole heart fashion. Anthropologists have proven that the eskimos who ate a high fat diet (fish) were very healthy!
AJ Arcadia (84 months ago)
where does fish oil fit in here?
David Whelan  (84 months ago)
I didn't put fish oil on the list because it really does go rancid quickly. The capsules don't deliver enough oil. You'd have to take 12 of them to equal a tablespoon. Even flax oil goes rancid - so keep it in your fridge and use it quickly. I buy the smaller bottles and use them up in a couple of weeks after opening them.
Dr Price  (84 months ago)
fish oil is beneficial, but most of the supplements available are not preserved well - and rancid oil is not good. You're betterr off just eating the fish.
Ginny Ginny (84 months ago)
I'm glad to see that you put coconut oil on the good fat list. I've taken it every day for over a year, and it has really helped my skin and helped me keep extra weight off.
jonah vandersyde (84 months ago)
Great post. I read a book called slow burn by Stu Middleman. He talks a lot about using your fat stores for energy instead of burning sugar or carbs. He also talks a lot about pH. I lost about 35 pounds following his exercise recommendations.

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