Are we keeping our kids...our nation's future... alkalized and healthy?

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We know how hard it can be to get your kids to eat healthy - I have three of them :) It seems like it's always a battle to keep their diet balanced. And while I don't let them drink a lot of soda or eat much candy, they do eat a lot of processed foods - many of which are "organic" But are these packaged "organic" foods really much better? Well...yes...and no.

Packaged organic foods are more "pure"...they lack of pesticides...and they might even have a higher vitamin content in some cases. , natural and organic processed foods are certainly a better choice then the conventional choices. But ALL packaged foods lack what they possessed in their raw state. Namely minerals and enzymes.

During the manufacturing / processing / pasteurization process, foods are heated. During this process - especially during pasteurization - minerals and enzymes are destroyed or denatured. What does this mean to your child? It means that their food is harder to digest and void of the minerals that are supposed to neutralize the acids that are created from these foods during metabolism.

We find that children are often times more acidic than many adults. Why? Because of all of the packaged and processed foods they eat. Do you remember kids being as unhealthy as they are when you were growing up? We sure don't. And the stats prove that out. Kids are heavier and sicker than they have ever been. And the culprit is primarily something called ACID.

When these acids build up in the fluids and tissues of your body, your internal ENVIRONMENT is changed. Instead of being clean and alkaline, it gets acidic and toxic. And its these acid wastes that can lead to allergies, weight gain, digestive problems and low energy levels - and even kidney stones in little kids.

Here are two simple things you can do to keep your kids from getting too acidic, and help their inner environment stay clean, green and pure:

1. Give Them Alkaline, Ionic Water To Drink - pH Booster

Your child's body is made up of more than 75% water. It can be found in the blood, lymph fluid, inside cells (intracellular fluid) and in the fluid that surrounds each cell (extracellular fluid). All of these fluids should be slightly alkaline and should contain the elements to neutralize acids so they can be eliminated. Water is the most important element in the process of eliminating acids. When your child drinks alkaline, ionic water every day, it will help flush out acid wastes and keep them from building up. You can boost the pH of your ordinary water to 9.5 and infuse it with more electrolytes than Gatorade at the same time with pHion pH Booster.

2. Give Them The Natural Green Foods Their Diets Lack

Fruits and vegetables supply vital nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants and the alkalizing minerals that you need to kick those acids out of your body. It's important that your child get at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day - and they're more nutritious when they're raw. Each serving of pHion Green is loaded with 40 different veggies, fruits, grasses and sprouts - and a teaspoon equals a over a pound of fresh produce!

Let's keep our nation's future - our kids - clean and healthy on the INSIDE!

Here's to your wellness,


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AJ Arcadia (84 months ago)
I get pretty mad when I see how badly we are feeding our children. they're our future.
jack larsen (84 months ago)
My granddaughter has kidney stones and she's only 10! I swear - all of this crappy food is making our kids sicker every generation.
Liz Ellison (84 months ago)
I have 3 girls, and it seems impossible to get them to eat good. I make them smoothies in the morning with organic milk, fruit, and your greens. It's one of the few things they actually like thats good for them.

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