Best Natural Fruit Juices to Cleanse the Colon

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You don’t have to be a die-hard detoxer to do a typical colon cleanse. In fact, there are so many simple ways to cleanse the colon, finding a system to fit your individual level and goals should be a piece of cake. Speaking of sweet carby treats, if your goal is to slim down a few days before your Thanksgiving feast (just to give yourself some um, wiggle room), there are a number of quick and easy ways to get cleansed.

A pre-Thanksgiving cleanse can help you walk away from your feast feeling satisfied and energized, not bloated and sleepy!

Our vote for one of the easiest (and most natural) ways to cleanse the colon and detox the body is a fruit juice cleanse. While all fruit juices offer major health benefits, several are tops for cleansing the colon, and some are even tastier than you might think. 

Some of the best natural fruit juices to cleanse the colon are:

  • Apples - One small apple contains 17.4 percent of the daily value for fiber, as well as vitamin C.

  • Apricots - One tiny apricot contains 2.7 percent of the daily value for fiber along with vitamins A and C, plus potassium.

  • Oranges - One Orange contains 12.5 percent of the daily value for fiber, along with 116.1 percent of the daily value for vitamin C. Oranges also contain a good amount of folate, vitamin B1, potassium, vitamin A, and calcium.

  • Pears - A single pear contains a whopping 22 percent of the daily value for fiber, along with vitamins C and K.

  • Prunes - Just a half cup of prunes contains the most fiber of them all—nearly 25 percent of the daily value. These sweet dried plums also contain an impressive amount of vitamin K—nearly 65 percent of the daily value, and loads of potassium.

Boost the Power of a Natural Fruit Juice Cleanse

To enhance your natural fruit juice cleanse, try adding a few greens. Yes, greens! A popular pick is kale. This cruciferous vegetable is popular because it contains sulfur-rich phytonutrients that assist the liver with the detoxification process. And because kale is also fiber-rich, it helps cleanse the colon comfortably and naturally.

Finally, although the taste can be rather strong when eaten raw, a few kale bits blended into fresh fruit juice or a smoothie still offers plenty of benefits, without being too overpowering.

Other viable options include collard greens, turnip greens, spinach, parsley, and watercress—to name a few.

Make Your Fruit Juice Cleanse at Home 

All you need is a juicer and fresh organic fruits (and greens if you wish) to make the perfect fruit juice cleanse. For those of you with sensitivities to acidic fruits, skip the oranges and go for lower acid and higher alkaline fruits like apples, apricots, and pears.

And remember, everyone’s body detoxes differently. You may achieve good results with replacing one meal a day with a natural fruit juice blend, while others might need to replace two or three meals daily. Further, a 3-day cleanse may be enough for some, while others might need a week or more to achieve that light, clean detoxed feeling. In this case the Master Cleanse is indicated.

For more information about the fiber and nutrition content in other fruits, visit The World’s Healthiest Foods website at Whfoods.org


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