Do Resveratrol Supplements Provide Benefits?

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This is an interesting topic, because my question would also be, does any supplementation provide benefits? I know that I get a reinforce feeling of healthy assurance when I take my multi-vitamin-mineral tablet, or a capsule of the many herbs that claim greater wellness. At the end of the day, most supplements are like insurance, we don’t necessarily want to have to use it, but in the case that we do, it’s there. The needs of individuals vary greatly, and experts don't agree about the benefits of supplements. Thus, people are making their own choices about what supplements to take -- both botanical and nutritional -- for purposes ranging from sports nutrition and longevity to dieting aids. Many people are taking several different supplements at the same time. For all these reasons, there is a clear need for more and better information for consumers to act both safely and wisely.

Over half of all adult Americans view dietary supplements as a necessary and effective regimen, according to a recent survey -- and would continue to take them even if their doctor advised them to stop. Articles describing new and exciting research results appear regularly in the media.

When it comes to maintaining optimal health, resveratrol may offer even better protection than taking aspirin. It is generally believed that high cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease. However, based on thousands of heart surgeries, many cardiologists believe that a large number of heart attacks are not caused by high cholesterol, but rather, they are the result of inflammation. Different foods may cause different levels of inflammation in our body, and even one meal can cause an instant heart attack. Resveratrol's anti-inflammatory and blood thinning properties may prevent blood clotting and increase blood flow, both of which may decrease or even prevent heart attacks.

Selecting a Resveratrol Supplement

Buying resveratrol may be a confusing task. Resveratrol is a general name for a product that is available in various purities, for example 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, or 99%. Resveratrol provides no health benefits unless it contains trans-resveratrol. Prior to purchasing any resveratrol product, it is important to find out the purity content. If the manufacturer does not list this on the "Supplement Fact" label, or the label does not include purity specification, then there is no way of knowing the amount of trans-resveratrol in the product, and if, in fact, what you buy has any health benefits at all.

Low purity resveratrol products contain low amount of trans-resveratrol and high amount of cis-resveratrol, emodin and other parts of the plant which provide no health benefits. .

Price comparisons can only be done if companies clearly list all of the ingredients on the "Supplement Facts" label, including the percentage of trans-resveratrol. Consumers can then assess the "price-per-gram"of beneficial resveratrol by comparing the amount of trans-resveratrol per capsule, (not per serving size). 

As an example, two different resveratrol products claim to contain 100 mg of trans-resveratrol each, and are offered at a slight price different. Without a clear "Supplement Facts" label, it would be impossible to figure out the purity of the product. In this example one product contains 100 mg of resveratrol (per capsule) providing 99 mg of trans-resveratrol (99% pure), while the other product contains 400 mg resveratrol (per capsule) providing 100 mg of trams-resveratrol (25% pure). Other than possible side effects, the low purity products should be sold a price of about 1/4 of the pure product price.

Last but not least, most dietary supplements are made with the so called "Excipients" or better known as "Inactive Ingredients".  These ingredients include fillers and binders which benefit the manufacturer but not necessarily the consumer. In most cases these ingredients are added for the purpose of lubricating machinery to aid with the flow of the product during the encapsulation process, which makes it faster and thus increasing manufacturer profit.

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