The Water Supply

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Water is the vehicle for every nutrient we humans require. It bathes our tissues, suspends our cells and cradles our organs. We are conceived in water, we’re immersed in an ocean of amniotic fluid for the first 38 weeks of our existence, and our bodies are vessels for water throughout our lifetimes. Water heals our physical and psychic wounds, and we turn to this precious substance in our religious ceremonies.

And yet, we treat the water around us like it was a disposable commodity. We use water that has been prepared for drinking to flush our toilets, wash our cars, irrigate our lawns and launder our clothes. Because of such indiscriminate waste, clean water is getting increasingly difficult to find – and it isn’t available at all to some populations. Dwindling supplies of potable water could soon pose a serious dilemma for a species that depends on pristine water for its very survival.

In order to provide water that is safe for us to drink, municipalities process it in ways that alter its natural properties. Unlike the tumbling water in a mountain stream or the extracellular fluid that washes over our cells and circulates through our bodies, our drinking water is largely devoid of minerals that are important to human health. Furthermore, treated water contains compounds – charitably called “disinfection byproducts” – that are potentially toxic. (By the way, if you think you can get around this issue by drinking bottled water, think again: tests conducted by the Environmental Working Group in 2008 revealed that 10 popular brands of bottled water contained a frightening array of carcinogens, disinfection byproducts, pesticides and cast-off medications – all at a price that’s about 2,000 times that of tap water.)

The enzymes that catalyze your cells’ minute-by-minute activities are persnickety. They demand an environment that’s a bit on the alkaline side and laced with nutrients and trace elements, many of whose functions haven’t even been fully characterized. Fresh, mineralized, oxygenated water is the principal ingredient in this recipe, where the slightest variation can make the difference between vitality and collapse. That’s worth pondering the next time you hose down your dirty driveway.

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