Tricks for Eating Less

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If you want to maintain a healthy weight there are ways that you can trick your body into eating less. Here is a rundown on the most effective ways to use your mind to trick your tummy into feeling full.

Portion Control – Believe it or not, using smaller dishes and plates will trick your body into feeling full. A smaller plate means a smaller serving and an empty plate will make you feel full.

Location, Location – Sit at the dining table to eat your meals. When you eat in front of the TV or your computer you are more likely to feel less full than if you eat without any distractions. Take your lunch break away from your desk.

Dishware Contrast – It may sound strange, but studies have shown that people eat less when their dishware is a different color that the food served on it. The greater the contrast between the color of the food and the color of the plate, the less likely you will be to over-serve yourself. So serve your chocolate pudding in a white bowl, not a brown one.

Snack Attack – Everyone snacks from time to time. Spare yourself the extra pounds by sticking to a 100-calorie snack pack. Research shows that these min-packs contain just enough to fill you up and will work better than trying to eat the same amount of calories from a larger pack.

What’s a Forkful?
– Another surprising result of dietary research has shown that people eat less with a large fork than with a smaller one. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your silverware.

Keep at Arm’s Length – Keep snacks life candy and cookies out of reach, and preferably out of sight. If you keep a bowl of candy on your desk, you will eat far more of them than if they are several feet away or in a draw or cupboard.

Try using these helpful tricks and you will be eating less and feeling fuller in no time.

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