pH Miracle ... or just basic science?

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I get this question often... "What do you think of The pH Miracle by Dr Young"?

Well... I have a lot of thoughts...both positive and negative. Here they are:


I first learned about the effects of pH on and in my body by Dr. Young. He's one of the more published authors on the subject. I implemented his principles and experienced a TON of great changes in my health: I lost 25 pounds in 40 days, I experienced an explosion in my energy, the skin problems I had for years cleared up, I found that I was "sharper"...clearer in my thoughts. It was "real".


Dr Young's regimen is VERY hard to maintain for most folks. No meat, no dairy, no sugar, no cooked foods, no coffee or alcohol, no condiments, no "treats" fun.

What I found over the course of time was that when talking about pH Balance, the key word is really BALANCE. Think of it as a simple math equation in your body:

Every acidic element ingested or created MUST be neutralized - every day. If your intake or creation of acids exceeds your buffering capacity, these un-buffered acids will get stored. When days turn into weeks and then months and years, these acids build up to the point where they become VERY problematic.

So, are acids worse than alkaline elements are? Are acids "bad"? The answer is no...absolutely NOT. They are what they are...which is a byproduct of metabolism. Is garbage bad?'s a byproduct of living. It's only bad when it's not properly disposed of. Right? I find that Dr Young demonizes acids. Which I also find silly.

I also don't think that there is any miracle here's actually basic chemistry. When your pH is right, the environment inside your body is right for the trillions of cells to thrive. Too much acid is bad, and too much alkalinity is hangs in the balance!

So...What is Balance?

First of all, understand that if you are really acidic right now, you should probably approach the solution in an unbalanced manner...because it's something you should begin changing right away. Also, if you've been living in an unbalanced manner for a while - in the acidic ditch - live in the alkaline ditch for a bit until you get in balance.

But after you get back in balance, you don't have to live a life that's devoid of foods you like in order to stay in balance. You don't need to do the alkavorian or alkalarian diet of tofu & veggies. You can eat some acidifying foods, but you must also eat foods or supplement your diet elements that will neutralize the acids from foods and metabolism.

This is one of the reasons I started pHion. I wanted to make really good alkalizing and ionizing products that would KEEP me in balance - even if I do have a glass of wine or a hunk of pecan pie :) and trust me... I use our products (in mass quantities) every day. I probably go through 3 boxes of pH Booster and 4 bottles of pHion Green a month. When I make a green drink, I put 3 huge teaspoons in there. Why? Because I love FEELING healthy and vibrant...but I'm also it's convenient for me.

Here's to your wellness,


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Cynthia Pottala (59 months ago)
The Acid Alkaline Diet by Christopher Vasey, ND. is a great book - it is because of that book that I found this site and started using the products.
PETER Verhey (84 months ago)
I thought the pH miracle was a pretty good read. Although my wife tried to make a tofu meatball dish from a recipe out of the book. We all went to sleep that night quite hungry.
Dr Price (84 months ago)
I'm familiar with Dr young's work. His approach is certainly a puritan one. But I've found that when I guide my patients too rigidly, they give up before they recover.
Geoff London (84 months ago)
i thing dr young is a quack. i used to be an innerlight distributor. they made him into a cult guy. his wife is actually pretty fat and wonder what her ph is.

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