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pHion Booster

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pHion Alkaline Maintenance Program

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pHion Natural Energy Program

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Reasons to buy

  • The Most Comprehensive Natural Energy Drink Available. Helps to alkalize, super-hydrate, replenish mineral reserves in your system.
  • Ionizing. pHion pHion Booster infuses your water with a wealth of ionic minerals - and drinking water that is ionized, or electrically charged, may improve your cells’ ability to conduct electrochemical signals.
  • Super alkalizing. pHion Green Superfood contains the most complete blend of over 30 different alkaline forming foods - including Alkalizing Organic Grasses, Veggies and Sprouts - to neutralize the damaging acids in your system.
  • Almost instantly neutralizes harmful acids. pHion Alkaline Minerals contains all five primary alkaline minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and iron. Once these mineral buffers hit the system, they quickly neutralize excess acids.
  • Recommended for those who are seeking natural energy instead of harmful shots of caffeine and sugar.

pHion Balance

Our products have been developed under the guidance of Christopher Vasey N.D., the leading authority on pH Balance and author of the Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health. Christopher Vasey has practiced Naturopathy in Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland for 25 years. He has authored 18 books written in five languages. Mr. Vasey’s specialization is pH balance, detoxification and rejuvenation.
"If you find yourself always looking for that extra burst of energy, I strongly advise against using any of the current caffeine driven drinks found at the supermarket, and let your body be driven by the natural energy created by the pHion Natural Energy Program." - Christopher Vasey, N.D.
Our Promise to you is what we say is what you get. pHion products are produced under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance and delivered to you at a price that’s always fair. We offer a full unconditional 30 day money back guarantee on all products, without question or hassle.

Product Details

Have you been seeking more energy?

Millions are faced with the challenge of trying to "make it" through the day due to a feeling of low energy and fatigue.

Let pHion help!

Thanks to millions of ad dollars and the fact that we bite on these "pitches", the size of the Energy Drink Market tops $6 BILLION DOLLARS annually.

Drinks like Red Bull, Monster, Sobe and Rockstar make promises to deliver "a pep in your step", but do they really deliver?

Get this, some of the so called energy drink manufacturers even go as far as to position their nasty nectars as health drinks and good for you to drink.

So, what do these drinks rely on to give you an energy boost? Caffeine. Sure, they might add in some vitamin b6, b12, ginseng and taurine, but they'd be completely ineffective without all of the caffeine they use.

Here are some interesting, yet sad statistics that illuminate the addiction to caffeine as a global problem. In the US, we pour about 40 million pounds of caffeine into our bodies every year, yet there are over 20 countries that exceed even our consumption of this stimulant.

So what happens after you get all jacked up on caffeine? You crash. Why? Because it stimulates your central nervous system, and when your body eventually processes the caffeine (as a toxin by the way), you come down, and many times you come down hard.

If you want REAL energy that doesn't make you crash and burn, then you have to supply your body with the right types of "ions". The reason we reach for an pHion Natural Energy Drink isn't just because we feel tired, it's because our ion balance within our body is off. The tired feeling is simply the corresponding symptom of this lack of balance.

Let's further review this topic ... blood, which is literally the river of life in your body, carries a negative charge. When your body lacks negative ions that donate the negative charges that help conduct energy in your body, your energy levels drop. In the same manner, when you simply have too many positive ion charges in your body, the same result happens.

Energy is actually PRODUCED by using the food you eat (carbohydrates and fats) to create something called ATP. However, the energy cycle also requires negative ions in order to CONDUCT that energy. Simply put, negative ions conduct energy in your body. When you flood your body with the right ions, it's like turning on a power switch!

Stimulant laced energy drinks that are caffeine loaded do not donate any negative ions to conduct current. They actually do the opposite. So, when you understand how TRUE energy is actually produced and conducted inside your body, you can see why these energy drinks ultimately leave you feeling "drained" once the caffeine have been processed.

The pHion Natural Energy Program is a combination of pHion Booster, pHion Green Superfood, and pHion Alkaline Minerals. This wonderful combination donates REAL energy by supplying the ions that your body lacks. It's that simple.

Natural Energy Made Easy.

The pHion Natural Energy Drink is made by simply adding a teaspoon of pHion Alkaline Minerals, two teaspoons of pHion Green Superfood and a dose of pHion Booster in a shaker or water bottle full of water. The more water the better so anywhere from 24 to 36 ounces is optimal.

Shake it, and drink it within 15 minutes. Boom! You'll feel the zoom. This is the best drink to start your morning or give you a needed boost in the middle of the day.

Also, if you have too much to drink one evening, keep in mind alcohol is very acidifying and dehydrating, drink one of these before you go to sleep as a hang-over preemptive strike. While you are asleep you're body will flush out the alcohol much faster.

We even guarantee it.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results you experience from The pHion Natural Energy Program, simply return it within 30 days for a “no questions, no hassles” refund. You have nothing to lose and Vibrant Health to start today!

Core Components

pHion Alkaline Minerals

Contains the 5 primary alkaline minerals

With Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese and Iron

Helps replenish mineral reserves and buffer excess acids

Contains a proprietary form of Organic Calcium

With Phosphorous for better Calcium absorption

Virtually tasteless for easy mixing into any drink of choice

Contains Vitamin D for improved Calcium uptake

pHion Booster

With 72 activated ionic minerals

Best formula of liquid electrolytes available

Ionizes and alkalizes

Alkalizes your water to an optimal pH of 9.5

Infuses your body with charged ions...the carriers of energy

Tasteless and odorless

Treats over 15 gallons of water

pHion Green Superfood - Powder

Super alkalizing

Contains over 30 alkalizing ingredients

Includes grasses, veggies & sprouts

Super concentrated

Cerecalase® to increase bioavailability

Delicious natural flavor

Toxin-Free Water Bottle

Made from BPA-Free Crystal Polypropylene

FDA approved

No toxins to leach into your water

No plastic smell or taste like standard water bottles

Convenient Sport Size – 22 oz.

Easy to grip and squeeze

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult a physician or medical practitioner before taking any dietary supplement, especially if pregnant or nursing.

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Sheri Pigors (59 months ago)
0  Please login Please login
I've got to say that the pHion Natural Energy Program works! I'm buzzing around work all morning after taking the products. If anyone is looking for a natural energy, this is the way to go!

Thank you for providing something that truly works in a positive way. No nervousness, jitteryness or anxiety. I think I'm even happier when I take this program. :)
pHionBalance  (31 months ago)

Thank you for your wonderful comments and for using our products!
Jody Doolittle (71 months ago)
0  Please login Please login
How long does one supply last?
pHionBalance  (71 months ago)
Hi Jody,

One supply will last a month. 
Aditya Thaker (74 months ago)
0  Please login Please login
What is the amount of Minerals and Green I should use if im using the 22 oz water bottle ?
pHionBalance  (74 months ago)
Hi Aditya,

You would add one teaspoon of the pHion Alkaline Minerals,  2 teaspoons of the phion Green Akalizing Superfood, and a dose of the phion Booster.
Mark Wilson (83 months ago)
0  Please login Please login
How does this taste? Is it palatable?
pHionBalance  (83 months ago)

The Energy Drink taste has a light green taste infused with a citrus flavor. It is delicious :)!