Alkaline Minerals - Alkalizing Supplement to Buffer & Neutralize Acids

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Watch Alkaline Minerals - Alkalizing Supplement to Buffer & Neutralize Acids

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Acids In The Body. Perfect Ionic Blend Of All Five Alkaline Minerals! Maintaining proper pH Balance is one of the best things you can do for your health. Why? Because when the pH of your internal fluids falls below 6.75, it means your tissues are bathed in acid. Excess acid can cause low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches and pains and even more serious disorders. Plus, an acidic environment makes the perfect breeding ground for microforms, which can further compromise your health. Your body has one primary mechanism to neutralize damaging acids: alkaline mineral buffers. Unfortunately, most of us dont get nearly the amount of minerals that were supposed to from our diet. Make up for that lack with pHion Alkaline Minerals - THE alkalizing mineral complex! Almost instantly neutralizes harmful acids. pHion Alkaline Minerals contains all five primary alkaline minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and iron. Once these mineral buffers hit your system, they quickly neutralize excess acids. Replenishes mineral reserves. When taken on a daily basis, pHion Alkaline Minerals will go beyond just neutralizing the acids in your system. It will help you build up your mineral reserves, so you have a ready supply of minerals on-hand when needed. Features calcium from organic whey. The calcium in pHion Alkaline Minerals is derived from organic whey powder, making it perhaps the only organic-source of calcium on the market. Formulated for optimal absorption. In addition to the five alkaline mineral buffers, pHion Alkaline Minerals includes the perfect amount of phosphorous, a co-nutrient of calcium, to ensure optimal calcium absorption. Easy to take. Best of all, pHion Alkaline Minerals completely dissolves in water and is virtually tasteless, so its easy to incorporate into your diet.
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patricia sparks (61 months ago)
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I agree that the strips are hard to read. Also, I'm taking the Booster drops which have potassium. Why do I need the alkaline mineral complex in addition?

Pat Sparks
elizabeth phair (61 months ago)
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I bought your strips and I find that the chart is very hard to read. I am disappointed
patricia sparks  (61 months ago)
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I agree. Also, why do I need the minerals when I am taking the booster drops which contain potassium?