The Body's Alkaline Buffer System

Monday, October 19, 2009  |  3 Comments

by Christopher Vasey

Christopher Vasey, N.D

Acid and alkaline substances possess opposing characteristics. When they combine, their respective properties cancel each other out. This process is similar to what occurs whenever two opposites are brought together. If hot and cold, or black and white, are blended, their respective properties cancel each other out, and the result is a temperature that is neither hot nor cold but warm, or a color that is neither black nor white but gray.

The combination of an acid and an alkaline element is designated in chemistry as a neutral salt. It is neutral because it possesses neither acidic nor alkaline properties.

A neutral salt no longer influences the solution it is in, such as blood or cellular serums. Neutralization of excess acids restores the acid-alkaline balance to the ideal pH of the internal environment, 7.39, which is itself almost neutral.

The alkaline substances the body uses to neutralize or buffer strong acids, or the sudden intake of a massive amount of weak acids, can be found throughout the body, not just in the blood. Alkaline substances in the bloodstream are utilized, but because blood pH can fluctuate only slightly, they are only minimally drawn upon. Instead the body makes use of alkaline elements found in less important parts of the body, such the tissues of the internal organs.

When this defense system is used only occasionally, the alkaline elements thus lost are easily replaced by the alkaline minerals found in food, and the tissues suffer no ill effects from making what amounts to a loan of their alkaline components. Problems occur, however, when the tissues are forced to relinquish their alkaline elements on a regular basis, every day or even several times a day. In this case the body's alkaline reserves inevitably gradually diminish. The word reserves, it should be noted, is something of a misnomer; these alkaline substances have not been set aside by the body for the express purpose of dealing with excess acid. These minerals are components of the tissues themselves and fulfill a very precise role in that regard.

Repeated withdrawals therefore create a shortage of alkaline minerals in these organic tissues. The critical mineral loss becomes even more pronounced when the plundering is intense and prolonged. Modern lifestyle and diet encourage such exploitation of the body's buffer system. It is the source of a host of troubles and diseases, as well as the general sense of malaise suffered by many in our contemporary civilization.


The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health
Christopher Vasey

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