Detecting Inability To Metabolize Acids

Tuesday, October 20, 2009  |  10 Comments

by Christopher Vasey

Christopher Vasey, N.D

This test is specifically indicated to determine if you have a metabolic inability to handle acids. During this test, you temporarily increase your intake of acid foods such as fruits, vinegar, and whey. The acids from these foods are the most poorly metabolized by people suffering from this deficiency, so increasing intake of these acids will cause such people to experience temporary discomfort.

The purpose of this "challenge" test is not to make you sick, but simply to confirm or rule out the possibility that you have a deficiency in metabolizing acids. If you do, a more significant intake of acids should cause joint pains to intensify, red blotches on the skin to grow larger, fatigue to become more noticeable, and nervousness, burning urination, itching, and so forth to increase.

This test involves consuming generous helpings of fresh fruit, fruit juices, yogurts, whey products, and so forth for one or two days. This is long enough to bring about noticeable aggravation of symptoms. If you are extremely sensitive, the negative effects of acids may manifest as quickly as a half-hour to an hour after consumption. You will experience a general sense of feeling unwell and a sudden onset of fatigue, and your teeth may feel on edge in response to the aggressive acids.

Fortunately, it is not often necessary to perform this test. It is usually enough to recall what happened in the past under similar circumstances. For example, you may have seen negative effects after you ate a large quantity of fruit when it was in season, or a significant quantity of vinegar or yogurt. If you underwent a grape or lemon juice fast in the past, did it have a beneficial effect on your general health, restore your strength, and bring about the disappearance of illnesses? Or did it accentuate your symptoms and reduce your vitality?

In the first instance there is no case for a metabolic deficiency regarding acids, and it is clear that the primary causes for your state of acidification are acidifying foods and lifestyle choices. You can therefore eat acid foods, for they will have an alkalizing effect.

In the second instance, though, it would be clear that you have a metabolic weakness. You can assess the degree of the problem by the intensity of the aggravation of your symptoms. You should keep close watch not only over the quantity of acidifying foods in your diet, but also the amount of acid foods you consume.


The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health
Christopher Vasey

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