David Whelan

pHion Founder

Blog Moderator

Hello, I'm David Whelan - founder of pHion. We pronounce our company like it's spelled...pH ion (two words).

I started the company over four years ago because of one reason: I discovered that pH balance is the baseline...the foundation for optimal health.

When I say "I discovered", I mean that I experienced the utter magic of pH balance in my own body almost seven years ago.

At that time, I was about 25 pounds overweight, my skin wasn't looking so great, and I was beginning to feel "old".

What the heck?! I was only 30...but my body was feeling like it was 40.

When I first heard about the effects that pH has on your body, it made total sense to me. Think about it...almost EVERY chemical reaction in nature depends upon a certain pH.

Fish need the correct pH in order to live.

Plants need the soil in which they grow to have the optimal pH.

Even a swimming pool must be pH balanced or else a big bloom of algae will appear.

Google THIS... even the Oceans of the world have an optimal pH...and they are becoming too acidic - thus coral reefs are beginning to dissolve!

Once I got my body into balance, I quickly lost those extra 25 pounds, my skin glowed, and I felt young again!

As a matter of fact, my body is in better shape than when I was 23 :)

That was the birth of pHion here in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.

We worked with Dr Christopher Vasey - the leading authority on the subject of pH - to develop the most comprehensive products and systems that bring the magic of pH Balance to your body.

Four years later, we are the leaders in this category.

We hope that you begin your journey towards optimal health with us. Remember...vibrant health and energy begins (and ends) with pH balance!